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The Personal Connection Podcast: Aligning Your Vision and Reality

Balance, connection and aligning with your true path. It's time to challenge the status quo, time to question the direction you're on, time to take action and make a change.

Alignment is everything – it’s time to set your heart free and connect to your true path!

Personal, Professional and Emotional Clarity with Nicola van Dyke

Do you really love yourself? Really love where life is taking you? Are your dreams aligned with your reality? Is your journey taking you to the right destination? 

So many things we can do and approach, it’s so easy to make grand plans but then do nothing about them. Do you ever stop and ask yourself, why? 

This episode is all about unlocking those barriers, taking the chance on what life can really offer. 

From a business marketing background, we’re here today to ask the big question – what’s stopping you from grabbing all that 2021 has to offer?

Join us as we ask the reasons why we so often stumble and don’t make the progress we can, identify those self-sabotaging programs and thoughts, finding your own truths and aligning a new reality. 

Do you actually know what you want? Is it time to step back and re-evaluate?

It’s so easy to be swayed by the media and society telling us what we should want, and even being stuck in our own tracks that life has set out for us, take a moment, challenge the status quo, and begin to discover your true position and direction. 

Stop chasing everyone else’s goals, and get in tune with what’s right for you!

It’s time to be true to yourself! Give yourself permission to be you. It’s not about following everyone else’s path, or replicating other’s success – it needs to be real and authentic to who you are. 

You have to value yourself, value what you’re presenting, and you have to value those you work with. 

But how do you get the balance right? Is it time to start thinking more with your heart rather than your head? 

With a belief and service perfect for individuals in the workplace, solopreneurs, or luminaries who are wanting to be the inspiration and guide for others, from energy teachings to being your cheerleader for a big event, Nicola van Dyke has so much to offer. 

MANIFESTING – visualise what you want, imagine what it’s like in your reality, and allow it to enter your reality sooner. 

Powerful thought indeed, but it’s time to take action. It’s about finding balance rather than chasing ideals. 

Nicola van Dyke is an intuitive mentor specialising in ThetaHealing, focussing on personal development, relationships, business, and health. 

Are you ready to be empowered and find out more? 
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