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Corporate Photography + Videography – What are the services we provide?

Creative, eye-catching imagery that entices your perfect clients into your business. Working closely with your business to showcase what makes you special!

Birmingham Corporate Photographer

Creative Eye-Catching Authentic Imagery to Showcase Your Business

Emotive Eye is a creative studio led by Stuart James, set on connecting you to your audience, in an authentic natural manner.
We are providing your audience with the opportunity to connect with your business. From the people behind it, and all that they offer, to your product or service. We take what you do, and help you showcase it to the world.

Our services include creative professional headshots, in both a studio or business environment, allowing your customers to connect to your business and build a rapport. If your business relies on a more in-depth personal service, allow us to expand and build on that connection with creative personal brand photography.

Establishing a connection to your business online allows your customers to see why you are right for them. With authentic creative images and videography, we will work with you to showcase what makes you stand out. For both your website and social media, the imagery we create can showcase your business for months ahead.
Our business launch photography packages will capture a collection of images ready for your print, website and social media platforms for months to come. From capturing images of your place of business to your team working on-site, to eye-catching photos of the product and service you provide, we will help showcase everything that makes you stand out.

If you want to connect on a more profound level, our videography for mobile, social and web will give access to your company in the most powerful medium.
From talking heads videos introducing your business to creative videos of the company at work, we will build a narrative with you to engage your audience. Stories connect – let us tell yours.

We now also offer high-quality 360-degree tours and aerial imagery, allowing your clients to connect with you from every angle.

Emotive Eye is a creative studio that works with you to understand your message and your story; we become part of your team and bring our experience and knowledge to help your company reach it’s potential.

One chance to interrupt, make it count. Imagery that instantly connects.

Get in touch and find out how we can showcase your business, and help take your company to new heights.