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The Personal Connection Podcast: Burnout and Red Flags – It’s time to pay attention!

Taking the personal connection within, looking for those red flags, and knowing how and when to ask for help. Burnout won't solve itself - let Sarah Ross give you the tools you need to help yourself and those around you.

Burnout and Looking Our for The Red Flags!

Listen, talk and be confident knowing that someone is there for you.
Discussing Burnout with Burnout Coach Sarah Ross from Your Reason to Breathe.

Have you ever felt lost? Have you experienced a friend or family member needing help, and not known where to start?

Did you know that burnout is now a recognised condition by the World Health Organisation?

Burnout is so much more than feeling stressed, and as Sarah describes from her own experiences, it is a condition that needs serious attention – and essentially we need to break down the stigma that throughout society and start to listen, start to talk, and start to make a difference. 

The definition provided in 2019 by the WHO described burnout as a workplace phenomenon, of course with the events of 2020/21 the traditional ‘workplace’ is no more…the lines are blurred, and more than ever we need to ground ourselves and get a better understanding. Be more open to conversation. Be there to help.

How do you destress? How do you decompress? Have you lost that opportunity without commuting? How are you going to make sure you look after yourself and those around you?

Now more than ever we need to make sure we’re looking after ourselves and those around us. 
In a world that’s been incredibly disconnected, and with a new normal being thrust upon us, as a society, as a workforce, we need to make sure we’re looking out for each other!

If as an employer your wanting to really ensure you’re looking after your staff, helping them to adapt to new working conditions, working from home without the traditional office setup, speaking to Sarah Ross could be just what you and your team needs!

If nothing else I explore you to take the quiz, Are you burning out?

Identify and see those red flags, whether in yourself or in others

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