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The Personal Connection Podcast: Empowering Your Communication with Powerful Words

Taking the reigns on communication, and empowering you to be real and focussed! Talking business communication with the awesome Shelley Wilson!

Your Words Matter – Giving you the building blocks and ideas to connect your words to your audience!

Creative Writing and Business Copywriting that Connects – Be You, Be Real, Connect Authentically!

A discussion about words had to come sooner rather than later to #ThePersonalConnection Podcast – and I could not have invited a better guest onto the show to talk all things words and communication!

Shelley is a Yorkshire Lass, brought up and raising a family in Solihull with the most exciting career. From being the go-to choice for copywriting and blog writing to being an award-winning author, if you want to connect with your audience in a natural authentic and real way, a chat with Shelley is a must!

Through the episode, we talk about so many topics, from the Dos and Don’ts of writing for your business, to the format to follow in your own writing, from how people consume information, to empowering female leaders and entrepreneurs to rock the world!!

I’d be amazed if you didn’t want to have a conversation with Shelley after this conversation, whether it’s booking on for a Power Hour to give you direction, or handing over the reigns of your business communications to someone who truly gets you.

You can find out more about Shelley at the links below. 

Shelley’s Website: https://shelleywilsonwritingmentor.com/
Shelley’s Motivate Me website (truly inspirational!!): https://motivatemenow.co.uk 
LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/shelley-wilson-b001a210/

Why not join me in ordering Shelley’s book, and finding out more about her transformational story…let me know what you think!