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The Personal Connection: Unlock Your Potential, Remove the Block and Truly Achieve

Is it time to leave strategy at the door to truly make a change in business? Join us as we dispel the myths surrounding business and performing coaching, and allow you to truly unlock your potential.

Business Performance Coach Podcast Interview

Forget strategy and forget the textbooks – it’s time to truly connect for effective change.
Unlock Your Full Potential with High-Performance Coach Grant Robe – Outperform

This episode is about one thing in particular…challenging the beliefs and established norms around business coaching and strategy!

High-performance coach Grant Robe joins me for an interesting conversation where we stir thoughts and ideas, to show there is another way, and throw a new approach out there in the coaching space.

Approaching everything in life from a basis of being an elite athlete, Grant puts the same focus, determination, and discipline into his coaching. 

From routine to self-image, to ways to truly unlock your own potential, and see the opportunities in front of you, working with Grant Robe is about one thing: results!

Before you can truly make the change, you need to understand what you do and where it is taking you. Each journey is individual, and we all face our own challenges and conflicts, but it is about standing up to those challenges and finding ways to overcome them. 

Join us for this episode where we try and give you ideas and thoughts to truly align your values, identify the behaviours that may be sabotaging your path, and focussing your mindset.

With free resources waiting for you at the end of the episode, and tips and tricks throughout, this is one to really enjoy!

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