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Cannock Website Photographer – Business Brand Photography for JustBlindsLtd

A case study of Business Brand Photography for Staffordshire Blinds Business JustBlinds in Norton Canes for their website update.

Creative Brand Photography for Norton Canes Business – Website Photography Update

When a company is looking at a new website, imagery soon becomes vital. Of course, there are different options available – reusing existing images, purchasing stock images, or investing in a brand shoot to truly showcase their business.

When JustBlinds were commissioning InLife Design for their new website, Clare and the team understood the importance of showcasing their brand in the best way possible. 

Following a refit to the showroom, and investment in their fleet, it was the perfect time to capture the whole business. 

Creative brand photography for website refresh showcasing the new showroom for JustBlindsLtd Norton Canes

Planning the brand requirements with Clare, there were a few logistical challenges we had to overcome – one of which being, bringing all of the staff together to capture the team photographs. 

What resulted was a two-part shoot:
Part one: capturing the fitters and consultants with the fleet.
Part two: capturing the showroom with those who work in the office.

While discussing ideas for the shoot, we talked about the importance of showcasing the team behind the business, resulting in styled headshots of the staff. 

Not only does this look brilliant on the “Meet the Team” section of the website but has also been powerful for social media. 

Staff Headshots and Fleet Photographs

Early on a Sunday morning, I met with the fitters and design consultants with the shiny fleet. With lights and cameras ready, we efficiently captured a range of images that were perfect for the client.

Fleet photographs perfect for use one website and printed advertising
Creative team photographs with the fleet of liveried vehicles
Timeless team images capturing the staff with the infrastructure that makes the business possible
Creative team headshots capturing the personnel behind the business

Showroom Photographs

Capturing the showroom premises in Norton Canes, we created a series of images for a multitude of purposes. 

From capturing the building exterior and interior in their entirety to detailed creative images that have proved useful for print and social media use, JustBlinds received a bank of images showcasing their business. 

Brand photography showcasing the new showroom for our client
Detailed photographs capturing the premises our business operates from
Creative stylish brand photographs of business showroom in Norton Canes
Details and snippets perfect to showcase what the business does on social media and in printed design
Showroom and product details perfect for showcasing what the company provides
Detailed installation photographs
Creative bank of images that showcase what the company offers to their clientele
Details of products on display in showroom
Showcasing the quality of the product with detailed focussed imagery
Wide-angle photographs enticing customers to visit the showroom

On-Site Studio Photography

As we brought studio lighting to the fleet and personnel shoot on Cannock Chase, so we brought the studio into the showroom. 

Ensuring the team felt relaxed and confident and shooting tethered to our computers enabled small tweaks on the fly. Clare and the team received images they were happy to showcase and use straight away! 

Creative relaxed portraits showcasing the director of the business in the refurbished showroom
Showcasing the staff behind the business with relaxed natural portratis
Capturing the team behind the business with personnel photographs

Gaining Value from a Brand Photography Shoot

Getting value from a brand shoot is so important – and with our guidance, clients soon understand how they can utilise their images for immediate return on investment.

From using for the website update:

Images used for a website update for Staffordshire business

To social media:

Images used for social media interactions for
 Staffordshire business

The realisation of the longevity of a shoot, and being able to utilise the bank of images for months to come, results in a clear valued investment.

Creative photographs showcasing the exterior of the business premises
Creative photographs showcasing the exterior of the business premises

Feedback from JustBlinds Director

Absolutely fantastic! From my initial enquiry to receiving the images, Stuart was informative, flexible with dates, put all the camera-shy staff at ease and best of all the photos are brilliant.

Clare, Director

Norton Canes Website Photographer

If you are planning a relaunch of your branding or website, and want to discuss the way we could work together, get in touch as below.