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Keep the conversation going in a disconnected world

What are the challenges we need to realise in the new normal and how do we ensure our communication truly connects in a disconnected world?

Keeping communication at the centre of your message

Connect to your teams and communicate to your clients

In today’s world, we’re living in a strange paradox. With access to technology in our 24/7 digitally connected world, we’re can always contact each other. Yet are we more disconnected than ever?

2020 saw us all with barriers placed on where we could go, what we could do, and more importantly, who we could see. The workplace changed dramatically – from the norm with everyone in shared office spaces, suddenly the epidemic caused the workforce to be isolated and disconnected.

We’re lucky with technology that companies were able to shift their operations to work remotely quickly. Recent advances in the cloud allowed IT companies to support the transition, and with the rise in popularity of Zoom and Microsoft Teams, virtual communication could continue. 

But the question comes – is this enough?

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Is it enough to just communicate, or is there another option?

We’ve long enjoyed a global world and indeed a global economy. Business conversations across multiple time zones and various platforms has long been possible, and indeed with the advances in personal communications, this has been possible to deploy across a workforce. However, does meeting over a conferencing platform and having that ‘team meeting’ truly connect to the people within the organisation effectively?

Of course, there are other instances to consider company-wide communications. 

The opportunities to bring large gatherings of personnel together, with external providers and keynote speakers at conferences and events, has largely been removed – and of course, it may be some time before the global position allows a comfortable move back to such gatherings. 

Communicating and truly connecting despite a physical divide

During the pandemic, we found ourselves working with various organisations to help bring together compelling communication imagery. 

From showcasing the service that was still available from a company and the new steps they were taking to ensure safety for all, photographing products and people to provide that connection to the company’s online presence to bringing together videos that took the place of physical viewings. Of course, we were often unable to approach projects as standard film production, but with effective editing, graphics, and animation, the videos we produced worked perfectly for our clients. 

Internal Team Communications – A solution to effectively connect!

In 2021 we’ve taken this a step further, providing platforms for our clients to showcase their latest strategies and keep their teams informed and involved in the business. 

Working closely with the management and marketing teams, we’ve built a strategy to allow a mini-conference presentation to be presented in a bite-size video each month. 

The options are endless with approaching team communications: from onsite filming to capture high-quality visuals to deliver regularly to the company’s personnel and partners to edit remotely filmed footage with added graphics to convey the message. 

We can even produce podcasts to show the companies direction, celebrate the people who have made things possible, and stir a response in a format that personnel can consume to suit them.

Taking the conversation to the audience – communicating effectively with your customers

Above we’ve discussed internal communications and some of the ways we can help – but let us now focus on what matters, speaking effectively to the end customer to drive that sale, encourage loyalty and keep that connection.

Along with staff feeling disconnected from each other, there has been an inevitable disconnect to our customers – and now more than ever, it’s vital to ensure we’re looking after the people who keep us in business!

We’ve focused on the importance of genuinely connecting during the past year – living by our motto; you only have one chance to connect, make it count!

Working closely with our clients, we always dive in below the surface – understand its values, mission, and the difference they want to make to their customers. Whether it’s ensuring the personal brand images we create put our subjects in the same realm as their targets or working with copywriters and communication strategists to build an ongoing plan and effective communication in the video narratives. 

With our customers often unable – or maybe now, not as comfortable as before – to visit showrooms and access the physical products, it’s vital to show the quality of the work available and indeed show behind-the-scenes to provide that connection. 

Corporate videos can provide a great conduit to showcase the care and attention, show the human touch behind a business, and show why the customer should trust you. Speaking directly to them, solving their problems, whilst celebrating the people that make the operation tick, provides a real connection – something that lasts far longer than video playback. 

Whilst we love to create exciting corporate films, with multi-day shoots diving into the operation and showcasing the solutions in action, there are so many ways we can help. 

But there are also crucial things that you should make sure you have in place for your client communications.

Important things to build into your strategy to keep your clients connected to you

  1. Firstly, meet them where they are – i.e. cover all channel bases. 
  2. Not all of your customers will read an email newsletter; some customers love video – others don’t find the time. Whilst some clients will welcome a connection via text message; many will still appreciate a phone call.
  3. Considering advertising, effective content marketing with follow-advertising and targetted messaging can be a great tool on social media – but the message has to be right!
  4. Speed is of the essence – and effective and thorough follow-up is essential. 
  5. The adage is true – treat others how you would like to be treated. Think of every transaction as an opportunity to build a stronger connection to your clients – and when things go wrong, embrace the chance to do better and make your client feel truly special in your response. 
  6. Effective follow-up means more than just sending out an email – even worse, relying on an automated system asking for reviews and feedback. Remember, every transaction is with a human – so make that human connection. 
  7. Social media can be truly fabulous in connecting and showcasing a business – but it’s not a place to advertise (in the traditional sense)
  8. Curate authentic content tied to a communications and marketing strategy to build a connection behind the scenes – utilise content marketing to take your customers and potential customers on a journey and create a link to your brand. 

All of this takes time – social media management in itself can be a full-time role. A lot of communication can be personalised and team time managed by utilising the right software solutions.

Everything has its place and needs the right time, skills, and resources to make it happen. Applying the above is an investment, but one can strategically place a company in the strongest position for a stable future. 

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How do we keep the conversation going? 

Through this article, we’ve scratched the surface of ideas for communication – both internally to keep teams working effectively and externally building that bond with our end customers, and growing the connection.  

There are ways we at Emotive Eye can help, and there are professionals we know will make a difference if you need their expertise. 

Regular Team ‘Bite-size’ Communications

Be it the edit of remotely recorded footage, with focussed graphics, infographics and animation, or onsite filming and post-production, we have a team ready to help! With packages available for monthly and quarterly productions, contact us, and we can discover the options available. 

Business Podcast Production

Creating podcasts from the initial idea and inception to recording, editing, hosting, and distributing the content, we have the team to bring your internal communications alive in a booming format. Podcasts are easily consumed at various times for personnel and can be short and snappy or more in-depth. Start a conversation with us today and discover the options available.

Corporate Films

Showcasing the companies offering from the products and services to the quality of the operation. From the care and attention provided during the whole process to its effect on the end customer, we can help showcase the business, champion the brand through customer testimonials, and direct future buyers to your doors. 
With edits available for multiple formats and uses – from the feature film for the website to snippets for adverts and social media, repurposing the visuals and audio to create new productions when required – there is a great deal of value in an in-depth corporate film. Please speak to us to find out more and discover the solution that is best suited to your customer.

Business and Product Imagery

Are you revisiting your current website and reviewing your visuals? 
Looking for images that are stand out and will connect? 
Ready to showcase your team, show the value you place on your staff to your customers, partners and build that brand image?
Do you need to showcase your premises, products and services to your customers in a better way?
Give us a call – from one hour to multi-day shoots; we can help create a bank of images ready for your website, social media and print advertising.

Social Media Management

If you’ve realised the impact social media could have on your business, but don’t have the time or knowledge to make it work for your business, speak to Cheryl Turner from Tao Business Solutions. I’ve known and worked with Cheryl for years, and I’m always blown away by the level of service. From copywriting to truly connect your message to your customers to social media management across multiple platforms – Cheryl has the solutions available to help your business boom! 
Find out more and connect with Cheryl here: www.taobusinesssolutions.co.uk

Communication Strategy

Need a little help ensuring the message you’re putting out is consistent? Want to make sure you’re making the most of every opportunity to connect? Speak to Adam from 119 Agency. With years of experience working with international, national and personal brands, Adam understands communication better than anyone. I’ve had the opportunity to work with Adam on storytelling projects for films and adverts and even interviewed him for the podcast.
You can find out more about Adam’s work within 119 Agency and explore working with him here: 119.agency

Business + Marketing Strategy

Do you want to ensure you’re on the right track and that the combined efforts across the business and communications are correct? 
The best man I know for the job is Richard Hunter-Rice from Minerva Growth. He’s been there, seen it, and done it and offers a vast industry knowledge that could benefit most businesses. 
As a client, I enjoy working with Richard and joining training sessions with Minerva Growth. It’s well worth having a look at what he offers: https://www.minervagrowth.co.uk

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Effective communication in 2021

Maybe not as easy as first thought, but it’s about embracing opportunities. 

Place people at the heart of everything you do – whether your internal team is (vital to keep the cogs turning) or your end customer (that keeps the finances growing) – authentic communication is crucial. 

Be real, show up, pay attention. Showcase what you’re doing and excite others. And when you’re ready, call us – we’re here to help you truly connect.