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Customer Experience – Curious Pencil Offers a Unique Way to Connect

Customer experience and truly connecting to your clients - Curious Pencil offer a unique and authentic connection that will make your brand stand out.

Ways to connect to your customers – talking to Simone from Curious Pencil

Customer experience is everything – from the moment a potential customer first comes across your services to sending the final invoice. Simone from Curious Pencil understood a gap in the customer experience from her corporate background, which led to the creation of the services they provide.

Imagine a way to stay memorable and stand-out to your customers – what would that be worth to your business?

I met Simone networking and loved the creativity that they brought to their customer communications, and saw the opportunities their bespoke greetings cards brought for companies. Everything we do at Emotive Eye is about connection, so I was excited to sit down with Simone and interview her for The Personal Connection and explore the topic.

Bespoke Greetings Cards from Curious Pencil

When talking to small business owners, I always want to explore how and why they started their business:

Simone: “We started like any greetings card company selling in retail. We also sold in craft fairs. We would get feedback from our customers saying, ‘Wow, this touched me’.
Me and my sister work together – she’s the artist, and I’m the creative writer. So we put a lot of focus on the words and the imagery to make sure it is hard-hitting and touches on the receiver’s emotions.
The reason why the business started came as I was working in the corporate environment as a mortgage advisor—dealing with the customer going through this massive purchase, with all the excitement. And at the end of the journey, we didn’t give anything to that customer. We didn’t send a card or anything. There was nothing there to tie up the conversations that we’ve been having for weeks.
So it was really at that point when I connected the dots and thought, hold on, ‘why can’t businesses do the same thing’ [as we do as individuals]? ‘Why don’t we as a business, connect with our customers in that way’?

I wanted to celebrate with our customers. 

The best ideas come from an authentic place!

Authentic messages and connections matter – think how special it feels when you get a personalised card or letter in the post; it makes you stop and take notice. You know that someone has taken the time to pick up a pen and write to you, even making an effort to post that letter to you.

Someone has taken time just for you.

Simone and Sheleen saw this idea and took it to a new arena with Curious Pencil. What they offer is brilliant – bespoke greetings card that can be considered and placed into your client journey.
Tie that personal attention and personal message into a clients emotions, and you have something extraordinary – something that will keep you and your company in front of mind.
It is all about ensuring the journey of your client is memorable.

Customer Experience and Core Emotions – Use the power of connection

Simone: “I always say in terms of the way that we’ve wired as human beings, if you touch on my emotions in whichever way, if you connect with me, then it allows me to have a memory of the way that I felt at that particular time. So if you’re making them feel specific ways, you then become memorable in a way that kind of be, maybe didn’t even know and anticipate.

It’s about genuinely connecting with that person and making them feel like they’re not just a number like genuinely care about you.”

What Simone says is absolute gold for marketing and connecting to your customer – be authentic, be real and genuinely care about your customer’s experience, and you will link into their emotions. 

The Curious Pencil Experience

Working with Curious Pencil is in itself a very personal experience. 

From sitting down in consultation and understanding what ideas you have to bring together initial illustrations and copy – Simone and Sheleen become part of your team, living and breathing the brand message. 

From a one-off design to bringing together a collection of cards perfect for different occasions or milestones – both for clients and your staff – Curious Pencil really can help you stand out.

Simone: “People remember things through their experience, and they will share how they felt with your brand, share that with friends and family. We talk a lot, and we share a lot of reviews, and even if we don’t see the direct impact, there is a ripple effect. 
Recently I was looking into a few things, and there’s this phrase that I like to say is, I feel therefore I buy. So if you feel something, you’re going to buy you more.”

How powerful could this message be in your marketing? Tie into that core emotion and the connection from your client to what you’re offering will be so much more influential.


Show Your Clients You Care!

Above all, the more I talked with Simone, one key message was clear:

“We’ve got to connect with people with our hearts. We pull on the heartstrings. To say one thing – you know what? We care about you!”

If you’re interested in finding out more about how working with Curious Pencil could help connect your brand to your clients, add that additional ‘touchpoint’ and point-of-difference, get in touch below:

Website: https://www.curiouspencil.co.uk
Email: [email protected]o.uk
Call: 0121 533 4626

You can hear the full chat with Simone from Curious Pencil on The Personal Connection