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The Personal Connection Podcast: Transitioning the lessons from home into the boardroom, and vice versa!

How do you achieve family harmony, take control of your emotions and communicate better? How can you take these lessons, and skills, to make you more proficient in the workplace? Join Joanne H Light in conversation with Stuart James from Emotive Eye to find out more.

How to achieve a harmonious home – the key is in communication!

Emotional intelligence is not just a strategy for the workplace, it’s a vital skill to bring into the family home. Vice versa, there are so many approaches from a successful home that can transform the boardroom. Join Stuart as he explores this fascinating area with Joanne H Light.

This episode is a little different, but will hopefully get you thinking…

We’ve discussed emotional intelligence a few times on The Personal Connection podcast, but Joanne H Light has a totally different angle – emotional intelligence when it comes to parenting. 

When I first spoke with Joanne, I wasn’t sure if the topic of parenting would really fit into the podcast, but the lessons that even I took (as a non-parent) resonated greatly – plus, as we dive into things in more detail, there is so much that you can take straight into your business or to the boardroom. 

Plus, if you’re building your empire whilst juggling parenthood, battling through the time pressures of life whilst also facing the challenges of transitions in your children’s lives, this episode is for you. 

Communication and understanding are at the core of this chat with Joanne H Light, a topic I will always enjoy exploring with different people. 

But HOW do you begin to properly understand your children? It starts with calm, it starts with really listening…sound similar to solving workplace scenarios?

2020 brought so many challenges for people across the globe, and now we’re releasing restrictions many employees are finding the ‘temporary’ work from home solution a permanent change. There are so many facets to this – one is balancing time between work and parenthood, another is looking after mental health within the family.

There is a great synergy between business life and home life, and understanding where the same skills can be carried into both arenas can be transformational. 

If you want to find out more or get your hands on that free hand out, jump on to the links below:

Free parenting handout to help you get on top of that burnout!

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