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The Personal Connection Podcast: An Enlightened Look at Business and Marketing

An enlightening conversation with a true visionary aiming to change established order and challenge capitalism. Join us as we embrace the change we can all make to our businesses and our marketing, with a human first approach.

Enlightened Business Marketing and Corporate Strategy

Discussing a change in business and society with a true visionary – Adam Butler of 119society

It’s thanks to the worldwide lockdown and the amazing technology that we have for online meetings, that I got to be in the same room as Adam Butler from 119society – and I’m so glad it happened!

In everything that I think about and plan, especially with the message behind marketing strategies and creative imagery, I want to tell a story. A story that is truly authentic and one that connects. 
Marketing should be about the person you’re trying to talk to, and make a genuine difference to, than the brand you’re selling.

119 society has a truly bright outlook on the changes they want to see in the world, and indeed how individuals and corporations especially can embrace and lead this change. 

In this episode talking with Adam we discuss everything from the importance of the personal connection, to embracing people-centric innovation, and indeed a human first view. 

Enlightened capitalism – the art of doing well by doing good, is one of the first phrases that struck me from our chat, and it’s clear that this change is something Adam and 119society are passionate about. 

We discuss a different viewpoint on marketing and will give you a new view on things – indeed changing the whole thinking from B2B or B2C marketing, to P2P – people to people.

This is a truly enlightening episode, and a topic I will be delving into further with Adam in the future, but there’s certainly a lot here to get you started!

If you want to find out more about working with Adam and 119society, head to their website 


and find out what they do and indeed get in touch and start a dialogue that could change your business, and indeed the world around you!