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Estate Agent Videography with Barrows & Forrester

Estate Agents and Property Marketing - Working with a forward-thinking marketing and advertising agency that specialises in property!

Estate Agent Videography Specialist Based in Birmingham

Estate Agents and Property Marketing – Working with a forward-thinking marketing and advertising agency that specialises in property!

Creative team photography in Birmingham city centre with Barrows & Forrester Property Group

Creating imagery for an estate agent to connect and stand out in their market place can be approached in so many ways. Some specialists offer fast and cost-effective property photography, and indeed this is something we’ve completed for our property clients. However, when we’re looking at really getting into truly connecting with communication, that’s where we get excited and pull on those emotions with video production.

Finding the right synergy between a company and creatives is key: you really do need to be on the same wavelength and essentially want to same outcomes.

Property Marketing Agency

Showing behind the scenes with natural office photography showing the team in action.

Barrows & Forrester, is a company that isn’t afraid to shake things up and be somewhat of a disrupter in their market space, and they focus on a different approach to many – the company classes themselves as a marketing agency specialising in property, rather than a traditional estate agent.

Of course, estate agency and property services have had somewhat of a chance over recent years, with many embracing the online shift.
From 360° virtual tours to offering virtual show around via FaceTime for distance clients, but embracing video to truly communicate the difference of a business is something that many miss.

Barrows & Forrester, under James Forrester‘s leadership and with a strong marketing direction from Tom Bower, embrace the power of video to show behind the scenes and let viewers connect to B&F as people!

Estate Agent Videography

Understanding a client and indeed who they are trying to speak to is key when planning production. We shared ideas, took inspiration from what resonated from other fields and indeed other countries, and came up with a plan to connect Barrows & Forrester and most importantly the people behind the business.

Our video production plan sat around two approaches:
– A Corporate Film to showcase the business
– Profile films of key personnel to allow viewers to make a personal connection.

The final production became a multi-day production, working with individual members of the team on location and production in the offices with the full team.

Estate Agent Profile Videography

As part of building a connection past the brand to the individual, part of the production we focussed on was showing the people behind the business.

When a customer picks up the phone, or indeed drops an email, if they can make a real connection to the person on the other side of the communication, everything moves easier and has more purpose.

In a digital world, embracing warmth is so important.

Property Agent Videography

A key focus on the production of the profile videos was to show the character and indeed interests of the individual.

From the sport and family side with Hamad to the family, religious and sporting prowess of Krishan, we wanted to go beyond the norm.

Connecting to the person behind the business

Profile Video with MD James Forrester of Barrows & Forrester Estate Agents

When working with James, there were so many things we wanted to highlight. From his background, his interests and indeed his passion for the industry.
Showing James around his city of Birmingham, interacting with property, clients and indeed the team.
The video gives a real insight into James and showcasing what the business and indeed the city is about.

Estate Agent and Property Videography Specialists

We have so many exciting ideas ahead including showcasing the new branch and team at Lichfield, you can see the profile video James Clelland, the Branch Manager here and meet Jack here.

Having fun with team photography in Birmingham City Centre with Barrows & Forrester Property Group!

Review of working with Stuart James from Emotive Eye

Don’t just take our work for it – this is what James Forrester, MD of Barrows & Forrester has to say about working with Emotive Eye.

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