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The Personal Connection Podcast: Outsider to Belonging – Human communication and integration

Do you want to connect better, communicate on an authentic level and construct robust relationships within your teams? Join Stuart James talking with Ann Collins and discover the power of human connection and integration lessons for the workplace

An outsider to belonging – Human communication and integration and lessons for the workplace 

Discussing communication and connection and stripping things back to a human level – even when language is a barrier

In this episode of The Personal Connection Podcast, we welcome Ann Collins to the mic. 

Ann is a leadership development coach based in France, but her journey and life experiences provided the intrigue and backbone to the interview. 

Throughout our commissions at Emotive Eye, we work with clients empowering their connection through genuine photographs showing providing authenticity and trust to narratives and stories that compel a viewer to take action. 

Ann Collins’ work within Blue Bottle Coaching focuses on leadership development, inspiring and empowering the new leaders in the global business world. 

However, rather than explore leadership development, this episode comes from somewhere much more personal – Ann’s experiences in multi-national communication and the human connection strategies she has understood, developed, and indeed now brings to the corporate world. 

Connecting with people is vital in everything we do. We strive for connections as humans, and if the connection is authentic, the relationship is always much more substantial.

Ann’s travels saw her on a journey of language discovery as a young teaching student in Germany, to an enlightening time working as a VSO in Nepal. 

The lessons that Ann took from these encounters shaped her approach to life and communication, something her whole family took on board when emigrating to rural France 10 years ago. 

Now feeling genuinely ingrained in the local community through the dedication, care and attention paid in everyday life, the realisation of how relevant this thinking is to the corporate world wasn’t lost. 

Do you want to connect better, communicate on an authentic level and construct robust relationships within your teams?

Listen to this podcast with Leadership Psychologist Ann Collins and feel enlightened and inspired. 

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