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The Personal Connection: The Power of Being VISIBLE

Time to stand up and be truly visible? You bet! But how do you get started and truly make an impression...let us show you the way!

Visibility and Business Communication

A Podcast Conversation with Angela Durrant of The Visible Club – It’s time to truly stand out!

Is it time to stand up and truly shine on your own stage?
Have you lost your way, and don’t truly know how to be VISIBLE?

Angela Durrant is the perfect guide to help you stand out and truly connect – something that resonated very easily with #ThePersonalConnection. 

Discussing how to create impact, whilst being truly authentic, and indeed having influence over your audience, we talk through how to find that confidence and begin to show up – whatever your field…even approaching non-verbal communication, something a little tricky to embrace in an audio podcast!

Everything comes down to being visible and connecting to your audience: from vocal proficiency and eloquence to putting yourself out there – falling and getting back up, to embracing the confluence between business presentation and stagecraft; we truly cover it all.

Having trained over 1000 voices, Angela is the expert when it comes to vocal confidence and communication, but through this episode we cover so much more – Angela Durrant gives you the tools you need to TRULY be visible

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