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The Personal Connection Podcast: Change at the top or change within?

Discussing leadership and personal behaviour development with an expert in the field - Stephanie Snade, the founder of The Leadership Development Academy.

Being the force for change – and realising the affect your changes can have on others

A Leadership Development Podcast with the founder of The Leadership Development Academy and Business Psychologist, Stephanie Snade.

On the Personal Connection Podcast, we wanted to kick-start 2021 with a real drive for change – and where better to make change than at the top.

We have all experienced leadership taking on different forms, and indeed you may be a leader yourself, but let’s ask, “how can we be better?”

From realising the effect your behaviour and responses have on those around you, to picking up tools to help transition change around you, we discuss all things leadership and indeed personal development around business in this interview with Steph Snade.

We pride ourselves on bringing out-spoken and driven individuals to the mic each episode of #ThePersonalConnection, and of course, that was no different when asking Stephanie Snade to join us. 

Steph has been a leadership development facilitator, trainer and coach for over five years, electing to focus her skillset to help female leaders, managers, and business owners to develop their strength, confidence, skills and mindset.

Passion flows through this whole conversation with Steph and you really get a feel of the force behind the business, and how this expertise can drive change in others. 

If you want to find out more about Steph and the Leadership Transformation Academy, along with getting your hands on the Roadmap we eluded to in the interview, check out the links below:


or download your FREE copy of the 9 Step Leadership Transformation Roadmap here: https://bit.ly/LTARoadmapDownload.