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The Personal Connection Podcast: Put The Wellbeing of Your Team at the Forefront of Your Plans

A unique and in-depth wellbeing platform that delivers actionable data and a real difference to the individual - there is a wellbeing solution that can incorporate in any size team...and make a real difference!

Wellbeing and Being People First – A Powerful Solution That Helps Make a Real Difference

A conversation with the founder of Lumien, Chris Golby, as we delve into the journey that led the team to develop Lumien, and how the system works in the modern business environment.

It’s widely understood how important staff wellbeing is – but what is the best way to ensure your staff are looked after effectively? Lumien is the most complete and powerful solution I have come across, and I wanted to dive into conversation with the founder of the platform and explore how it can change the modern workplace!

Chris has a fabulously varied background and the story that led him to set up Evolyst – and latterly Lumien – is brilliant to uncover, but what is more interesting is how Chris’ approach to digital healthcare and being focussed on in-depth communication has brought together a unique platform for wellbeing. 

Companies are doing more and more to put the wellbeing of their staff at the forefront of their plans, and the way Lumien works delivering focussed data that is instantly actionable for both the individual and also the wider company, it is a truly comprehensive system.

After listening to this wellbeing podcast interview with Chris Golby of Lumien, if you want to find out more for yourself or indeed to introduce to your company, sign up for an introduction here: Understand your teams wellbeing.

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