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The Personal Connection Podcast: Mastering Social Media and the Power of Great Copy

Talking all things social media and mastering client communications with the social media superhero, Cheryl Turner

Mastering Social Media marketing and clear and authentic client communication with the social media superhero, Cheryl Turner

Ensuring your clients see the full story, and connect with you – utilise the power of social media marketing and great copywriting with Tao Business Solutions

Social media is such an important tool for businesses – when used correctly. 
However, as powerful as social media can be for the business or brand if used incorrectly – or ineffectively – it can actually be detrimental to client feeling and connection.

Social media above all else needs to be one thing – social! It’s about community, communication and building awareness…it’s not an arena to sell.

It’s easy to see many companies missing the mark with their social media, or indeed not using it to it’s fullest potential. Whether it’s diversifying the message for different platforms, or even just staying connected and up to date.

When it comes to knowing what to do with social media it can feel a little bit of a minefield – after all, the goalposts are forever moving with new algorithms on a seemingly weekly basis from Facebook et al. 

That’s where a trusted expert can come in, and for me, there is only one to turn to – the social media superhero herself, Cheryl from Tao Business Solutions.

Through this episode of #ThePersonalConnection, we talk all things social media and copywriting, with powerful hints and tips throughout from Cheryl, and myself.

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