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The Personal Brand Experience – Working with Birmingham Marketing Expert Richard Hunter-Rice

Discussing the personal brand photography experience with Richard Hunter-Rice of Minerva Growth

What is it like to work with Birmingham personal brand photography experts Emotive Eye

Discussing the personal brand photography journey with leading Birmingham marketing expert, Richard Hunter-Rice of Minerva Growth

Personal brand photography by Birmingham Personal Brand Photographer Emotive Eye

Brand imagery that shows an authentic and compelling connection

Before looking deeply into personal brand photography and how we brought together a compelling catalogue of images for Birmingham-based marketing expert Richard Hunter-Rice, it’s essential to break down personal branding.

What is personal branding?

Personal branding is intentional – it’s a conscious and directed effort to create and influence public perception of an individual. It uses strategy to position them as an authority in their industry, elevating credibility and differentiating themselves from the competition. The aim is simple – to advance position within the industry, increase influence and have a more significant impact. 

Now that’s great, but let’s break it down further. Let’s focus on personal brand regarding the image. 

Personal brand photography by Birmingham Personal Brand Photographer Emotive Eye

Personal brand photography

Personal brand photographer with Emotive Eye is a partnership. Before we even think about the camera, we bring things to a conversation: a discovery call to find out where you’re at and the immediate and forward plans for the business. Once we’ve discovered whether you need personal branding, we then begin to plan…

From initial discovery, the next step in the journey is a deep dive into the business. We discuss marketing and business strategy, marketing plans, existing brand collateral, future creative plans and a timeline for all of the above. This conversation builds the foundations for our brand exercise. However, we now dive into what matters – who you are speaking to.

Every shoot we approach with Emotive Eye focuses on whom you are speaking with and with whom you want to appeal – there is little point in creating great images if the consumer will be disinterested.

We must craft each scene, including colours, clothing and physical presentation, to appeal to the intended audience. Sometimes this is simple; other times, it requires creative thinking and an appreciation of consumer action.

Once a plan is formulated and the mental image created, we will pick up the camera.

Personal brand photography by Birmingham Personal Brand Photographer Emotive Eye

Working with Birmingham Marketing Expert Richard Hunter-Rice

Before our shoot, I knew Richard well and had a clear vision of his brand and where I wanted to pitch the session. 

Rich’s approach to businesses is different from everyone I know in his field – he’s a character, a disrupter, and someone unafraid of mixing things up. 

Understanding Rich’s business model and target audience brought the plan – smart-casual clothing, with a mixture of scenes juxtaposing the corporate image.

Street art, urban backgrounds and a hint at the corporate base – the scenes for RHR’s photos were set; it was now down to getting that connection to the camera.

Personal brand photography by Birmingham Personal Brand Photographer Emotive Eye

Creating connection through images – building confidence and comfort

I always say the easiest part of the job is pressing the button to capture the photographs; anyone can be trained to press the shutter!

However, bringing an authentic connection requires something more.

I’d had a fun discovery call with Rich ahead of the shoot and felt the trepidation and challenge abound the session. Rich is not a man who is happy being photographed – especially showing warmth and approachability. There was uncertainty regarding how the shoot would feel and indeed how long it would take. 

I knew, however, that we could hit things quickly. I’m a people person, and my job is to bring that connection, to make my clients – my subjects – feel at ease. Each person is different, and my skill set is to understand how to bring out the character in each shoot. With RHR, it was fun – a bit of teasing, coaxing, and moving quickly. Subtle posing and a natural approach to the session – the development across the images is brilliant to witness and experience. 

I always love to hear the initial reaction from a client – especially one I know is going to be brutally honest. Here was the Whatsapp I received from Rich:

Utilising personal brand images

A personal brand shoot is an investment – we create a body of images that can be used for months (even a couple of years) within social media and presentation. 

Rich is finding such value from his shoot over 12 months ago, utilising the images periodically to connect to his audience and stand out. 

Here are some examples of how Rich has used his catalogue of personal brand images within his marketing:

Don’t just take our word for it – hear from the man himself about the Personal brand photography experience with Emotive Eye

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