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Personal Branding | Building a brand that connects with Psynergie Academy

A new brand that needed a look that connects - and connects to a varied audience. Take a look behind the scenes as we explore the personal brand photography project with Steph Snade of Psynergie Academy

Birmingham Personal Brand Photographer

Personal Brand Photography for Stephanie Snade – Psynergie Consulting

When you’re relaunching a company, and changing the focus from speaking to a wider professional audience, to a more personal professional audience, the way you communicate changes. But it’s how to embrace this change that really comes to the fore.

Steph is a leading business psychologist and has been working with multi-national corporations helping to develop exceptional leaders throughout the UK and further afield. Taking a much-deserved breather, Steph took an overview of her work and realised a change was needed. 

From a background serving corporations, Steph wanted to realign her business to work with individuals to help develop them to unsurpassed levels in their careers and chose her strongest arena – women in leadership.

Embarking on months of investigation and research, Steph knew her target market well, and so began the conversation of branding. 
We sat down, discussed her plans and her market and indeed her branding that was already in place.

Developing a Personal Brand

Steph had her established brand logo, and a developed palette from which to work her marketing materials, but more interestingly for me was the information and knowledge that Steph had on who she was speaking to.

There is often a misconception I see when people think of marketing – that is to focus the creative process and detail on the business, rather than tailoring the presentation to suit the intended viewer.

It was from this approach that I led us on a journey of discovery in our planning call, realising who Steph was looking for, how we could appeal to them, and why Steph wanted to work with them. 

For me authenticity is everything – I need to feel it in my clients, to bring out the message to their audience. Transparency, authenticity and keeping things natural. All elements of a great personal brand photography session.

Personal brand photography for Birmingham business psychologist Steph Snade

Location, Style, Colours and Communication

From our planning call, we had certain things focussed – a variety of styles, a mix of locations and a need to communicate to a variety of audiences; we wanted to leave the shoot with a bank of images that Steph could use for the growth of “Steph Snade – Psynergie Academy” and appeal to a wide gamut of target personas.

It’s safe to say that the vast majority of people are not overly keen on being photographed – leading to anxiety, nervousness, fear and an inability to show true warmth, compassion and inner-strength.
Every time I work with a subject, my first focus is on them. Lighting and location, position and poise are all important too – but it’s that feeling and connection between camera and subject that matters.

Working with Steph was about building confidence – bringing out the message Steph needed to communicate to grow her brand, and be authentic doing so.

Professional personal brand photography that shows character and communicates with authority

“Stu was an incredible professional that really made me feel at ease, helped me with my anxiety, helped me to feel comfortable with the photography part was a lot less painful than I expected.”
 – Steph Snade

From the planning I had built a route for the shoot – tying in the theme and feel Steph was looking for with different elements of her brand communication: outfits, locations, light all came into play, ensuring to maximise the return on investment – both monetary and most importantly, time!

From utilising the entrance of a hotel in the Jewellery Quarter in Birmingham, and their lobby, to finding character on the streets around the site – all whilst keeping Steph at her best.

Relaxed natural professional portraits around the Jewellery Quarter, Birmingham

Personal Brand Photography with Emotive Eye

Utilising a variety of locations with outfits to match, we built a depth to the brand presentation of Steph, providing a wealth of images ready to use in the marketing of the brand. 

Creative personal brand photography around Birmingham
Creative storytelling photographs that communicate the brand - personal brand photography with Emotive Eye
Professional photographs to communicate the brand message
Creative personal brand portraits
Natural personal brand photographs with Emotive Eye - Birmingham Personal Brand Photographer
Warm, approachable and professional - personal brand photography that communicates the desired message

Utilising Personal Brand Images

Guiding our clients to gain maximum impact!

Following the shoot, we always spend time discussing the images with our clients, ensuring they’re happy with the results and guiding them on the best way to use the images going forward. From providing images cropped, sized and optimised ready for online use, ensuring an immediate return on investment.

Following Steph’s personal brand shoot she has already been able to utilise the images to launch and strengthen her brand presentation: 

Utilising the strength of well designed personal brand images to convey a message of the brand online

Utilising personal brand images for social media groups and online profiles

Using personal brand images or online group launch
Introducing with confidence - utilising the personal brand images for online promotion

Launching A Lead Magnet Full of Personal Brand Images

Launching a personal brand photoshoot to build content for an online marketing promotion

Using Personal Brand Photographs within a Business Presentation

Steph, I want to thank you for entrusting your Personal Brand Photography to Emotive Eye – seeing you already get value from your images is wonderful to see! I’m excited to see where the Leadership Transformation Academy goes!

If you want to connect with Steph, please see the links below:

Free roadmap: https://bit.ly/LTARoadmapDownload

Facebook page: https://bit.ly/StephanieSnadePage

Facebook group: https://bit.ly/TLLFBGroup


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Listen to Steph’s Review of Working with Emotive Eye for her Personal Brand Shoot

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Personal Branding | Building a brand that connects with Psynergie Academy

A new brand that needed a look that connects – and connects to a varied audience.
Take a look behind the scenes as we explore the personal brand photography project with Steph Snade of Psynergie Academy

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