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The Personal Connection: Presentation Skills and Taking It To The Next Level – Whether In-Person or Online

How do you truly take your presentation to the next level and convey your message effectively to your audience, whether in person or online? Hit play and find out from the expert, Andrea Pacini from Ideas on Stage

Unlock your presentation, break down the barriers and truly connect

Take your one chance to make an impact with these presentation skills and tips from Andrea Pacini – Ideas on Stage

Knowing how to truly present to a variety of audiences is a skill – whilst some people are born natural presenters, we can all learn and improve and take our presentations to the next level. 

Whilst considering how to present better with client pitches and indeed online meetings, I came across the work of Andrea and Ideas on Stage and just had to bring him to the podcast. 

Ideas on Stage are based in the UK, US, France, Spain and Italy and are the communication experts with a full range of solutions to help individuals and organisations improve the presentation.

From helping leaders deliver powerful presentations, create inspiring events and empower their organisations with high-quality public speaking coaching and training, Ideas On Stage are there to help. 

This interview with Andrea Pacini is absolutely packed with information and key takeaways that can empower you to take your presentation to the next level. 

From realising the three key areas of what makes a great presentation:

  1. Craft a compelling and captivating message
  2. Avoid death by PowerPoint
  3. Connect with the audience and deliver

To understand some of the key elements that craft a presentation – including only using that slide deck to amplify your message, one of the greatest lines I’ve taken from the interview is this simple idea when crafting your message:

Keep the message simple – do not try to pack in everything – if you do, you will end up saying nothing!

Simply ask:

What? So what? What next?

Want to understand that further? Hit play and hear from the man himself. 

Finally, if you want to see Andrea in action, check out his event on How to Deliver a Powerful Presentation.

If you only do one thing after listening to this podcast episode, take the Impactful Presenter Scorecard to assess your presentation skills in less than 5 mins: https://ideasonstage.com/score

You can connect with Andrea and Ideas on Stage at the following: