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The Personal Connection: Bury The Doubts and Build Your Confidence – Speaking With Truth and Authority

It's time to show up. It's time to share our story. Share our why, and inspire others. But there are obstacles in our path - from internal fears, to skills around the presentation. Let us delve through the topic and remove the barriers, empowering your to be a true conveyor for change!

Public Speaking and Embracing Your Message
Public Speaking and Confidence Podcast with Fran McDowall

Embrace what makes you special and be prepared to share your story – overcome the barriers that are in your path!

In the modern world we’re more connected than ever, but getting our voice, indeed our story, out there can feel like a big hurdle to cross. Whether it’s getting over the nerves of public speaking – be that online or in-person – or realising that your story matters, this episode will help break things down for you and help you connect with your true voice. 

Fran McDowall from Elevate Coaching has an amazing story, that she has shared through public speaking and indeed as an author. 
Overcoming difficulties and realising the opportunity to embrace life’s journey and turn it into a story to influence has led Fran to the work she does today. 

Through this episode, we talk about the obstacles we put in our own path when it comes to presenting, and help guide you around or over them! Not the technical side, but the inner-connection that is so important. 

Fran phrased it brilliantly saying, “You are unique, see that as a positive. Be comfortable in your own skin. You’ve got a story, and there are a set of people that need to hear it…”

This talk with Fran is about being confident – about showing up, and not making excuses.
We know more than ever how important it is to present what we do, and Fran is the ‘go-to’ expert when it comes to embracing your presentation. 

Whether you’re a beginner taking those first steps, or you’re ready to take your presentation to the next level, this episode has something for everyone!

It’s time to fall in love with your own voice, be a conveyor for change by sharing your positive message. 

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