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The Personal Connection Podcast: Taking Control of the Day to Day – Stay Centred and Maintain Alignment

Discover how to truly take control of the day to day, maintain focus and keep your centre - despite what's going on around you. From coaching tips to strategies you can implement straight away, this episode on Clarity and Focus with Claire Anne Brown gives you the tools to truly take control.

Taking Control of the Day to Day – Gain control, hold your centre and maintain balance despite your environment

Personal development skills and strategies to help you control your day to day life and maintain balance and equilibrium with Personal Development Coach Claire Anne Brown

Taking control of the day to day – take control of the little things to avoid overwhelm and losing focus.

Balancing business, family and life – the question is how do you remain in control and keep those plates spinning?

We take on so much going on around us, take it into our lives rather than compartmentalising and keeping the day-to-day under control. It’s about staying centred!

The concept of being present in the now – controlling your own environment, and not trying to control things around you – after all, we have little control of things we don’t personally have a connection to. 

Be present – manage your response to external influences, see the positive and make a conscious decision to find the positive – take a step back and breathe. 

The question of course is how do you keep things moving in the right direction and truly maintain control?

Spot those negative patterns, remove yourself from a situation, find your centre – whether it’s by going for a walk or meditating – taking that time for yourself can remove the overwhelm. 

As an individual, you need to be centred within yourself, in order to influence those around you. It’s vital to remember that what’s happening around you isn’t personal, but it’s how you respond to it that matters.  

Claire Anne Brown covers so much and gives so many tips and strategies that you can put into place straight away. 

It’s all about being in the now! Taking the space to be you. Giving yourself permission, and controlling your life and the influences you take on board.

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