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The Personal Connection Podcast: Brand and Design

An in-depth chat about design and brand and the importance of getting the message right with someone who was behind one of the biggest successes in design in the UK!

When wanting to delve deeper into brand and design, there was one guest I was set on getting on the show, a good friend of mine – Sam Jessup!

I’ve known Sam for many years from working with him on a number of projects or Virgin Trains where Sam was the lead designer for 10 years. 
Sam’s background and major successes have been in the transport sector, with a roster of work on his website at http://www.samjessupdesign.co.uk/work including the fabulous new design for West Midlands Combined Authority.

However, our chat wasn’t about trains or indeed transport liveries, we delved deep on branding and design, and the importance of getting it right – your customers touch your business through your branding, the message is crucial.

Sam has a wealth of experience and knowledge to share, and we talk through so many ideas and ways that you can consider the brand, and indeed the importance it could play over the coming months ahead. We’re in a changing world, and it’s vital your brand communicates your message effectively. 

Whether design for national corporations, or independent companies, Sam is a go-to for design and brand, and someone I’m personally excited about working with on an upcoming project of my own! 

And finally, if you want to find out what Sam and Clare are up to on their adventures, head to Next Stop Everywhere – a life full of adventure!

You can connect with Sam directly at the following: