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The Personal Connection

The Personal Connection Podcast, the show where we speak to leading industry professionals to unlock the power of the personal connection for your marketing

The Personal Connection Podcast…but what’s it about?

For me the personal connection is so important, but it comes in so many different ways. And so I want to bring leading industry specialists and experts to explain what the personal connection is to them and how the personal connection can be so valuable in business.

Every fortnight, I’m aiming to bring a new guest onto the podcast as we talk all things connected to the personal connection from photography to branding, marketing to mindset, exploring how powerful owning your brand is and how to unlock the potential to enhance your marketing and customer connection. 

If you have a suggested guest for the podcast, or would like to talk to me about joining me on the show, please do get in touch by email. 

I hope you enjoy the podcast, and get great value from it!

Human Computer Interaction – Discussing the importance of customer experience, interaction and moving ahead of the times!

An episode with David Whitehouse, founder and director of InLife Design was never going to stick strictly to the topic, but we covered so much.

David is the “go-to” guy when it comes to adding depth and quality to the experience of your online presence, and has built a team at InLife that bring so much expertise.
With services aimed at SMEs and larger corporations, there is so much they can offer, but delving deep into one of David’s biggest passions brought a really interesting interview.

It’s easy to look at our online presence as a business in a very one-directional and one dimensional way, but there is so much more to consider.

From exploring the evolution of technology, past mistakes we’ve both made and seen, and indeed what could be around the corner, join us on a journey through Human-Computer Interaction. (And avoid the Einstein quote that “Technological progress is like an axe in the hands of a pathological criminal.”)

If you want to talk to David and the team at InLife and receive their valuable feedback with a free website audit, get in touch at www.inlife.co.uk.

Marketing and Making and Authentic Connection – Talking all things marketing and unlocking the wide-eyed approach with Hannah from Golddust Marketing

This episode is all about one thing – marketing.
When I think marketing, there is only one lady I think about, Hannah Montgomery, the absolute powerhouse behind Golddust Marketing.
Hannah is the MD, and the chief marketing consultant behind Golddust Marketing and has years of experience in her field, working with SMEs and global corporations.

We cover so much in this episode, from understanding marketing and the power of making it personal to unlocking the wide-eyed approach that works!

From developing core values and the processes behind them to the constant power of direct mail – one thing is for sure; you will leave this episode with a significant collation of ideas to implement in your business!

You can find Hannah at https://www.golddust.marketing.

Mindset and Connection – Discussing the importance of mind and wellness with Laura Amy

Mindset and wellbeing matter – questionably above all else.
The wellbeing of yourself, your team and your friends and family is vital to consider.
Mindset often gets wrapped up within mental health, but it’s something that should be explored on its own because the mindset is so powerful. It can affect your business, change what happens in your business and affects the limits that you put upon yourself.

One of the most significant ways that affect is how you connect with people and how you show up with people. Having this understanding is why I invited Laura Amy to The Personal Connection.

Laura Amy is a business mindset coach who works with coaches, with influencers, with business owners to help unlock the potential within themselves, by bringing a whole understanding: understanding the mind, understanding mindsets and understanding business to unlock the hidden potential.

You can find out more about Laura Amy at her website: www.lauraamy.com and delve into what she offers on social media:

Laura Amy on Facebook: Laura Amy Coaching
Laura Amy on Instagram: Trauma and Mindset Coach
and make sure to join the Free group on Facebook: The Mindset Bar!

Communication and Making Every Interaction Count – Add A Personal Touch to Your Customer Experience

Connecting to Your Clients and Staying Front of Mind…using different strategies to communicate with your clients and make a lasting personal connection to them. 

Simone is the Senior Creative Writer and co-founder of Curious Pencil (www.curiouspencil.co.uk). 

After seeing her work and WHY they established Creative Pencil, I just had to get Simone onto the podcast. 

After seeing a gap in the customer experience when completing with clients in her corporate background, Simone saw the potential to bring their creativity into a different sphere, and along with her sister Sheleen, bespoke corporate greetings cards came into life. 

Our customers, our suppliers and especially our teams are all so important to us, and if we can all take a moment to make someone feel like they matter, our brand will connect to them on a level that matters – a human level. 

People buy from people, and buy and trust on emotion – so why not maximise that connection and stand out. 

In this episode, we hear about the background of Curious Pencil and explore why communication is so important to us all in our businesses. 

Exploring Simone’s creative background we see how the wordplay and poetry can connect your story to your clients.

You can find out more about Curious Pencil at www.curiouspencil.co.uk
or follow them on social media at:
Facebook: www.facebook.com/curiouspencilltd/
Instagram: www.instagram.com/curious_pencil_ltd/

Owning Your Personal Brand with Lucy With A Why, The Brand Provocateur

The BRAND is so much more than just imagery, it’s everything about you and your business…and it’s vital you OWN it!

Lucy With A Why is a lady who understands the power of the personal brand more than most, and is no-one better to talk to when you want to truly stand out in your market space!!

When you see Lucy’s brand presence online, whether it’s her website, instagram, Facebook or going against the corporate grain on LinkedIn, Lucy puts it all out there, and allows a real connection wherever you see her brand.

In this episode we talk about the things to consider with a brand, and realising how broad the brand actually is. From tips and tricks to understanding the power of the personal connection, and discuss how it could make a difference to your business….and even get reminded of the power of an awesome voicemail message!!

Want to find out more about Lucy, get in touch with the Risk taking, pun making, taboo shaking new girl, who is not shy to show you off

Call: 0121 405 0083
Email: [email protected] 

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Personal Branding Photography with Eadaoin from Firechild Photography

As a photographer is was only right that my first guest had to be a photographer…but not just any photographer… Eadaoin from Firechild Photography is the lady I entrusted my own personal branding photography to, and is simply the best in the business!

Eadaoin is a specialist in the personal branding sector and knows her industry inside out.
Based in Dublin but taking commissions thoughout Ireland, the UK and Europe, if you’re ready to own your personal brand, get in touch!

As soon as you open Eadaoin’s site at www.firechildphotography.com your hit with two  simple questions:
Do you want help from an expert in visual branding?

This is the start of our conversation…but we get into so much more.

From the importance of putting yourself out there in an authentic way, to owning your personal brand, to ensuring the “you” that everyone sees networking, on your website and social media, and in person are one and the same.

Be authentic, own your space, be seen as the expert.

Eadaoin shared so much in this chat, I’m sure you’ll get plenty out of listening.

To check our Eadaoin’s work, head to the links below:

Website: www.firechildphotography.com
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/firechildphotography/
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/firechildphotography/
Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCoR9BzlY2ZEj_G04kVNkw_Q/videos