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The Personal Connection

The Personal Connection Podcast, the show where we speak to leading industry professionals to unlock the power of the personal connection for your marketing

The Personal Connection Podcast…but what’s it about?

For me the personal connection is so important, but it comes in so many different ways. And so I want to bring leading industry specialists and experts to explain what the personal connection is to them and how the personal connection can be so valuable in business.

Every fortnight, I’m aiming to bring a new guest onto the podcast as we talk all things connected to the personal connection from photography to branding, marketing to mindset, exploring how powerful owning your brand is and how to unlock the potential to enhance your marketing and customer connection. 

If you have a suggested guest for the podcast, or would like to talk to me about joining me on the show, please do get in touch by email. 

I hope you enjoy the podcast, and get great value from it!

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